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PostPosted: 2014/03/18 11:01    Post subject:

I think I do Clemency!

Probably the only one left here nostalgic enough to occasionally check the forums for an old friend that might pop up or so.

Don't remember much of the details of who you were though. Human Rogue? Irish guy? Something with me shouting "Fuckin' Clemence" jokingly?


PostPosted: 2013/05/27 17:19    Post subject:

hey guys, Clem here.

Anyone remember me? Few familiar names in here ;)
PostPosted: 2007/12/13 10:06    Post subject:

Saraesa / Liesje
PostPosted: 2007/12/13 2:55    Post subject:

Diabolik, I'm happy to inform you you have been accepted into Echoes of Lordaeron on a two week trial.
Please make sure you read the What to do after you got accepted?" post.


(and /w me, Felidra, Mucklehugs, Eldare, Nikolaos or Dedee ingame for invite wink )
PostPosted: 2007/12/13 2:39    Post subject: He's in

Diabolik got accepted. This thread is only hanging around for Liesje to make it official.
PostPosted: 2007/12/13 2:03    Post subject:

Ruzzle wrote:
i was gonna, but that imba bastard checks our forums recently to congratulate weekly to bosses we down

Lol, im just curious, and i liked being in EoL. Plus the forums here are actually alive! Gief more chatter \o/

Nice to see you guys progress this fast / good. Well deserved. Kael'thas is easier then Vashj imo. So kill!

PostPosted: 2007/12/12 10:51    Post subject:

i was gonna, but that imba bastard checks our forums recently to congratulate weekly to bosses we down
PostPosted: 2007/12/12 9:18    Post subject:

Maresol here??Imba thanks for backing me up mate, more likely Ruzzle told you about be.And grats on Archimonde kill next up Illidan but his damn hard so gl. Happy
PostPosted: 2007/12/12 7:50    Post subject:

-Jaedra- wrote:
What are we waiting for?

PostPosted: 2007/12/12 7:32    Post subject:

What are we waiting for?
PostPosted: 2007/12/12 7:28    Post subject:

Ruzzle wrote:
i think that's what your familiar from..

i also am an old member i have been in Virtue and such and after it disbanded i eventually moved on.. to Chi tenshi, maresol a good mate of mine was in there and i got in easily the next night i was doing MC with you bunch. then i had some internet issue and got kicked from the guild by your female leader at that point forgot the name a warrior. it was because i posted on forums to late adn therefor she didn't want to invite me back. wich was 4 days later i posted.
bad memories about chi tenshi, but there were definatly good people in US and chitenshi and alot of my old guildmates i guess i saw you around at those times



Anyway, Diabolik is old skool warlockz, used to be in Chi Tenshi and been in US with him in TBC. Untill i got kicked for raiding with you bunch tongue out (US disband a week after though)

As far as i can remember Diabolik is a good player, never had any complaints or negative comments on his play. Just my 2 cents :-)


Maresol / Reca / Pikachu? <- If someone remembers :-)
PostPosted: 2007/12/11 16:57    Post subject:

No coment .....
PostPosted: 2007/12/11 7:37    Post subject:

i know im still having contact with maresol/reca
PostPosted: 2007/12/11 7:35    Post subject:

Wasn't bad all the time" Btw can't you put edit on posts maybe we make a mistake like i just did. Happy
PostPosted: 2007/12/11 7:33    Post subject:

Ahh Melinne...Well after a while Ixan took pretty much control of guild and he was imba tank and guild leader no way that could have happened when he has around.Mellinne maybe she had a bad day(you know that time of month -Ain't i a stinker? twisted ).She was bad all the time but a good tank nevertheless.Maresol is on silvermoon we talk sometimes when i go on alt lv1 there Happy he is on his druid now in a good guild.