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re: Application form. READ FIRST

Before even filling out this template, please take some time for the following:

# Register your account (Top-left, "Create New Account")! Please use the name of your character as your account name or something very similar to it if it's already taken.

# Read our Code of Conduct and our raiding page. So you are aware of what we stand for and how we work. Feel free to browse on the public parts of our forum. Joining our guild to later find out you do not like what we are and what we stand for would be a waste of your time and ours.

# Check your gear and think carefully if you would feel comfortable going to raids in that gear. Don't apply if you think your gear is not good enough, grind better gear and apply later.

Final Decision on your application: this can take some time, we check references, wait for members to give their opinion (if any) and the recruitment officer and classleader will discuss the application in private. In the end the final decision will be made by the recruitment officer.
Our current recruitment officer is Angéliólina.

Remember that if you get accepted into EoL you have a trial period. If you manage to show your dedication to your guild within this trial period, you will be a full member and have all the benefits of EoL.

When applying, you should use the following template:
Copy/paste it into a new post with as subject: Character name, Class. For example: "Liesje, Affliction Warlock" or "Felidra, Protection Paladin"
The code will be there to make your application easily readable for us, please put your answers after the [/b] (So first the [/b] and then your answer). It is wise to click "Preview" before you do "Submit", so you can see if it looks okay.
Fill it out completely. Uncomplete forms will not be considered.

Code: Select all
[color=cyan][b][u]REAL LIFE[/u][/b][/color]

[b]Location: [/b]




[b]Played Time( day/hour/min you see when you type "/played" in game):[/b]
[b]Talent Built(Armory link please):[/b]
[b]Set of glyphs used:[/b]
[b]Willing to respec (to another role)?[/b]
[b]Professions and their level:[/b]

[b]What are your primary roles during a raid?[/b]

[b]Can you tell us about your previous raiding experiences?[/b]

[b]Can you raid during our raid times? 19:00 to 23:00 on all days, except saturday.[/b]

[b]How many raids a week are you willing to participate in and can you commit to those raids a couple of days upfront?[/b]

[b]What (difficult) achievements do you have that you consider relevant to the application? Why?[/b]

[b]What kind of computer hardware do you use? How many FPS are you getting in Dalaran and (raid) instances?[/b]

[b]Do you ever have latency problems?[/b]

[b]Please read our [url=]software requirements[/url]. Can you install and use the required AddOns on your computer?[/b]

[b]Are you using any other addons?[/b]

[b]Please add a screenshot of your UI here, ideally in a raiding environment.[/b]


[b]It's important for us to make sure that our members will not violate any RP server rules, also means you cannot speak OOC (out of character) in RP chat channels, which are /s /y /e. Will you adhere to server policy?[/b]

[b]Can you briefly tell us about your characters personality?[/b]


[b]When did you start playing WoW?[/b]

[b]What areas do you think you could improve in and why?[/b]

[b]PvE, PvP and RP? Which aspect(s) of the game you like better in which descending order and why?[/b]

[b]How often (roughly) do you play WoW? (hours/day)[/b]

[b]Do you share your account with anybody?[/b]

[b]What are your previous guilds on this server and reasons for leaving them?[/b]

[b]How do you find gnomes? a) cute, b) evil or c) tasty[/b]

[b]Are you aware that if accepted, your guild master will be a gnome? And no, the previous question has no relevance with this one![/b]

[b]Why do you want to join the Echoes of Lordaeron? [/b]

[b]Why do you think we should choose you? [/b]

[b]Who can we contact for reference*?[/b]

[b]Thank you for applying and good luck. Anything else you would like to add?[/b]

* "In the labour market, a reference is a letter to a prospective employer regarding a job applicant's characteristics. Usually the person providing the reference - the referee - is a previous boss, or someone of some distinction in government, the clergy, or education, who can personally vouch for the applicant's employability."
In World of Warcraft a referee would usually be a previous GM, officer or Classleader or a well-known person on this server. They do not have to write me a letter, me or an officer will contact them in game and ask some questions, if we feel the need for it.

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