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re: Guild Rules

Overall Guild Rules:

All players in the guild will respect their leaders , their fellow members, and the guild rules at all times.

Serious offenses like harassment, sexual intimidation or discrimination, racial comments or other inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with by issuing one penalty and the member will be automatically demoted to Limbo, no questions asked.

Seek advice and listen to your class representative. He or she is your mentor and sire. If you disagree with your class rep, confront them. Ask questions and debate. This is how you will learn and become stronger. But choose your timing, during a bossfight might not be so wise...

All guild meetings are mandatory. If you can’t participate in a guild meeting, please inform one of the organisers or GM in advance and state your reasons for not attending. If you are logged in and simply skip a guild meeting without explaining why, you will face disciplinary actions.

All meetings and gatherings the guild organises will be In Character (IC, meaning RP'd), unless the guild has stated otherwise.

Guild, Class and Officer channels are Out Of Character (OOC, non-RP).
/S, /Y, are In Character channels (IC, RP)
All other channels are open for anything but being IC is encouraged.

Don't exploit the game. Whether in battle grounds or the world environment. If you can't win without cheating, don't play.

World PvP

EoL has absolutely nothing against classy world PvP. However we're a guild with PvE focus, and there are some behaviours that is not okay and not classy. It mostly comes down to common sense and not being a coward. Remember that carrying "Echoes of Lordaeron" above your head means that you are an ambassador for the whole guild.

In all cases we are always allowed to defend ourselves, and a measured retribution when being attacked may also be okay - think eye for an eye, use your head.

No attacking outside instances or/at summoning stones, especially not outside raid instances. Doing this will be grounds for instant expulsion since it adversely affects the guild's PvE objectives.

No corpse camping. No chasing and repeated killing of the same target "for fun".

Pick your fights, be a sport. Don't attack if you're in an obvious power situation. I.e. ganging up 3 people against 1 is not cool. Likewise being 80 in hard PvP gear and taking on a level 25 is not particularly cool either.

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