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Welcome to the home of Echoes of Lordaeron, a now social guild on SSL.  Old members and SoA members are welcome to apply to join us as we meander into the cataclysm , these forums remain as a home for our old members and somewhere to casually organise raids or to discuss WoW together. 

Echoes were a friendly and mature PvE / RP guild, who worked hard to be the finest guild on Scarshield Legion - in regards of raiding, getting progress, and having fun together.  When we ended actively raiding we were 3rd for progress server wide (25man) and 1st on the Alliance side.  We actively raided from early Karazhan through to ICC 25man Hardmodes.  Perhaps one day we will return to 25man raiding - so watch this space.

Always remember the journey is as important as the destination.  We will always be more then a typical guild; we are friends, a community bound together by shared goals and visions of what we want our experience within Warcraft to be like. 

The reclaiming of Lordaeron awaits!

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